dirty bitches

so lemme tell yall suin…

im living in a dorm sweet with 5 other females its 3 rooms 2 in eac room.

two of the people that live in the sweet living conditions are a lil how should isay this ..DIRTY!!..

so people like to leave they weave everywere and pee on the toile and water all over the counter n shit..

so because icant clarify who it is..iwrote a nice lil note say…”please clean up your hair off the floor,wipe the sink after you finish brushn your teth and washing ur face and wipe the toilet seat..please and thank u” and itaped it on the mirror..

so someone decideds to tear it dwn so idecided to tape the hole mirror…n this morning one of the girls asked who taped d mirror n isaid me n she asked y n isaid cause wen itry to b nice to people they feel sometype of way so we started argueing so itld her straight up bitch u dirty clean up after urself..she felt sumtype of way so itld her either ur guna fight me or u guna stay away from me so she walked away talkin shit…

hmmmmmmmm ima play ur game

When people try to take a picture without you.

(by if the rain comes)

Lil wayne x Nicki Minaj


Lil wayne x Nicki Minaj